July 8, 1964 – President Johnson Announces New Anti-Poverty Program in LES

Expressing its “deep interest and support” for New York’s Mobilization for Youth organization, the Lyndon Johnson Administration announces a new welfare program targeting the Lower East Side, and enlisting the MFY’s support. The program’s goals are to “provide training for 2,000 unemployed, out-of-school, and disadvantaged youth in New York City’s Lower East Side area.” This helped set the groundwork for Community Action Programs (CAPs), established by the government in accordance with the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964.


Photo: Lower East Side youth in the 1960s.  Credit: John Milisenda

Scott Gordon

I am a Philosophy major and a History minor at the College of Wooster in Ohio. Much of my family came from the Lower East Side, after emigrating from Eastern Europe at the turn of the century. Therefore, the history being preserved here is very dear to me.

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