June 26, 1929 – Influential Graphic Designer Milton Glaser Born

On June 26th of 1929, Milton Glaser one of the most celebrated graphic designers in the United States was born. Glaser is most famous for creating the iconic “I heart NY” logo and founding New York Magazine. He also designed an observation deck for the World Trade Center, a poster for Bob Dylan’s “Greatest Hits” album, and the World Health Organization’s International AIDS Symbol. Growing up in South Bronx, Glaser moved to the Lower East Side in to attend Cooper Union College before taking up residence in St. Marks Place.

“Oh, it was great,” says Glaser about his neighborhood. “That was the legendary St. Marks Place, with Auden walking around in slippers, and Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. There was no one who was not on the Lower East Side in those days. I had a friend who had an apartment for $7 a month. Of course, he had no heat. But everybody was there. It was so active and so lively and so transgressive. Everybody felt they were a part of something special, and they were.”

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