Exclusive: Inside 50-52 Bowery


Inside the former Atlantic Gardens beer hall at 50-52 Bowery.

The structure, which is currently slated for demolition, sits on what is believed to be the footprint of a historic tavern and livestock market dating back to the 18th century.

Acting on a hunch, preservationist Adam Woodward toured the site and discovered a cellar which very well could be the foundation of the Revolutionary War era Bull’s Head Tavern.

If so, this will be one of the most important archaeological discoveries on Manhattan Island in recent history.

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Eric Ferrara

I'm a 4th generation Lower East Sider, professional NYC history author, movie & TV consultant & personality, founder of Lower East Side History Project, and real estate agent at LOHO Realty.

5 thoughts on “Exclusive: Inside 50-52 Bowery

  1. 46-48 Bowery was the Bull's Head Tavern. The Bull's Head Tavern and cattle yards (and later, The Bowery Theatre) occupied the lot of today's Jing Fong restaurant building. When built, the Bowery Theatre occupied the land of the Bull's Head stock yards as well as the Tavern itself.

    50-52 Bowery was the location of the Atlantic Garden in the nineteenth century. The Atlantic Garden extended from 50 Bowery back to Elizabeth Street. Before the Atlantic Garden, 50-52 Bowery may have been the location of The Black Horse Inn in the 1800s (until 1811).

  2. If this is the Bull's Head, it is more than just your ordinary tavern. On Evacuation Day, Nov. 25, 1783, George Washington met the Westchester Light Brigade there and marched down Broadway for the very first hero's parade with the likes of Governor George Clinton, soon-too-be mayor James Duane, General Knox, etc…The Bull's Head is quite historic.

  3. Always interesting . . . the History of this City should always be respected and acknowledged. Thank You for posting this. People forget this portion of Manhattan WAS NYC for many years . . .

  4. This disqusts me!.50-52 Bowery is going the way of the world just like 295 Bowery did, and nobody gives a d=m!. Not even a marker at the site of 295 to say , here stood McGurk's Suicide Hall!. It'sall about money and sleezy developers!.

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